Dzamling Gar Project Update

Dzamling Gar Project Update

Giovanni Boni reports. Work on the structural renovation and reinforcement of the existing structure where the Gönpa will be constructed has started

Lha Gyallo! Three Stupas at Merigar West!

Merigar West has built a new stupa in the “Complete Victory” style called Palbar Chorten, meaning the Stupa of Blazing Splendor or the Stupa of Rising Glory

The 35th Anniversary of Merigar West

The 35th Anniversary of Merigar West was held on December 11, 2016 at the Temple of Great Liberation at Merigar West.

A Testimony to Enrico Dell’Angelo, the First President of IDC

Working with Enrico to bring about the realisation of Rinpoche’s vision for ‘One Community’ has been a sublime experience in applying Dzogchen Teachings in daily life