Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo talks about SSI's Tibetan Medicine programs in the USA, Russia, and Tenerife during Losar 2018 at Dzamling Gar

Focus on the Twelve Primordial Masters

Longchenpa’s “Treasure of the Supreme Vehicle” lists the 12 Primordial Masters, the places and times in which they lived and the teachings they transmitted

The Nature of Painting by James Fox

Remember that Painters are members of an ancient cult. They worship the Sun. And they understand that the light of the sun is an analog of the luminosity of the enlightened mind in the space of nature, just as Picasso understood that the bull fight was an ancient Sun cult sacrifice ritual, the deep metaphor is there, waiting to be seen.

Rinpoche’s Health Update

I would like to update you briefly about Rinpoche’s situation. As you all know, Rinpoche is being at the clinic in the north of Tenerife since last Friday.