Mirror 144 Online!

Mirror 144 Online!

The main feature of this issue is the focus on the Annual General Meeting at Dzamling Gar and the reports given there by the various branches of the International Dzogchen Community, including opening talks by Steven Landsberg, Costantino Albini and Mark Farrington. We hope this information will be useful and enlightening for our readers.

Tibetan Modern Dances & Khaita at the British Museum

On the 31st of March, a group of five Khaita dancers and two dancers from the London Tibetan Community took part in the ‘Faiths in Tune Festival’ in London

The Heart of Khaita Joyful Dances

Among the many precious methods he offered us, in 2011 our beloved Teacher, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, gave us "Harmony in Space" or Khaita"

How I Met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

So one day in 2017, in the middle of my writing, at the beginning of December, I was at the table and I was writing and I close my laptop and start to do something else, and this day I was really focused on one thought, “I found everything but I never found a master who was able to teach me the techniques of meditation.”