Long Distance Sponsorship with ASIA

Long Distance Sponsorship with ASIA

Is it possible to cultivate a relationship with someone who is light distances from us, for example beyond the Himalayas? ASIA proposes an original way to do this: long distance sponsorship.

Fantastic Summer at Kunsangar North

It is with great pleasure and joy that we want to tell you how wonderful and pleasant the summer was at Kunsangar North, Russia.

Forty Years of Merigar

2021 marks a symbolic moment in the life of Merigar. In fact, forty years have passed since the 'Podere Nuovo’ farmhouse and land was bought and began to develop as the first center of the International Dzogchen Community.

History of the Minsk Dzogchen Community

Ruslan Malakhovskiy shares his recollections on the birth and development of the Minsk Dzogchen Community.