Changchub Dorje by Drugu Choegyal 

Changchub Dorje by Drugu Choegyal 

The portrayal of Changchub Dorje presented in the words below is based on the oral testimony of two yogins of Khampa Gar, the trusted Togden Amtin and Togden A Chös who, having met the Master and received his Dharma teachings, had a samaya connection with him.

Discover Your True Nature (Reserve)!

Tsegyalgar West is located about 500 meters above sea level in the southern extension of the Sierra La Laguna in Baja California Sur.

Behind the Crystals, It Rains and Rains…

The title of this article is taken from a tango of the 1940’s. And it suits exactly to what we feel at Tashigar, mainly the few of us that have traveled from other places of the country up to here.

Losar at Tashigar Norte 2021

This year, in extraordinary harmony, the arrival of the Tibetan New Year was celebrated in Tashigar Norte, welcoming the year of the Metal Ox, hoping that it will be very auspicious for us.