Making a Dadar for Long Life Practices

Making a Dadar for Long Life Practices

A dadar is a ritual arrow used in many Long Life practices for recalling aspects of our vital energy and protective energy that are damaged, lost or stolen.

Astrology Course with Migmar Tsering and Dynamic Elements Artists

A very first course on Tibetan astrology of the elements or jungtsi (‘byung rtsis) took place in Dzamling Gar from December 17th to the 22nd, led by Migmar Tsering and assisted by Tanita Ferrari and Cecilia Damiani from Dynamic Elements Artists.

Francesco’s Story – How I Met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

My story is very ordinary. I’d always had this keen but vague interest in Buddhism and the East but it didn’t find many opportunities to materialize.

Relaxing Summer Vacation in Chengdu

Arriving in Shanghai I was relieved to see that the airport signage was in English.  After a little hiccup with the customs official who detaining me, objecting to my passport, and saying it was too new, (my old one had expired), I was waved through, and made my way to the gate for the plane bound for Chengdu.