BE ANGRY by The Dalai Lama

BE ANGRY by The Dalai Lama

BE ANGRY is a pocket size manual of accessible and terse instructions, perspectives and affirmations easily referenced as we navigate the tsunami of injustice and imbalance we face.

Thoughts & Reflections from Some SMS Instructors

On request of The Mirror, some SMS-instructors would like to share with you some thoughts and reflections regarding newcomers and existing members of the Community, after the passing of our beloved Master.

Silvia Nakkach: The Space in Between a Cloud and a Sound

If I tell my story from the present time, I sometimes wonder if I am a musician or a sound artist. I feel more like a sculptor that shapes sound molding time in space. It makes sense, my last name Nakkach means artisan, and if I separate the N-from the akkach, it sounds like akash, meaning ‘clear space’, ‘sky’ in Indian Cosmology.

Annual General Meeting of the International Dzogchen Community 2020

October 30. Dzamling Gar, Tenerife - Opening speech by Steven Landsberg, President of the IG