Why Should I Be A Member?

Why Should I Be A Member?

It’s easy to mistake official membership in The International Dzogchen Community as something separate from the View, Meditation, and Behavior of a Spiritual Teaching like Dzogchen itself; after all, many students are attracted to Rinpoche because he offers something so direct and close to the essence....

Welcome to Shangpa Karma Ling, Domain d’Avalon

A criminal fire destroyed the entire charterhouse on the first of December, 2017. Shangpa Karma Ling’s Gakyil members plan to courageously rebuild it

Talks on the Birthday of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

"It has been a joyous day. First of all, I recovered [applause]. Now I am truly recovered, so this is a very good thing in order to go ahead." Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

A Week of Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga at Zhenphenling

As part of their unit on Healthy Habits, the 1st grade classes at Ambrit International School in Rome decided to travel to a place promoting physical activity and well-being