Kunsangar South Crimea News and Summer Events

Kunsangar South Crimea News and Summer Events

We have a rich program for 2019 and in the summer we will have a Geko fluent in English so we will be happy to welcome practitioners from all over the world

Kunsangar North Russia Update & Summer Events

Our main goal is to strengthen cooperation with programs of active communication with Gars and Lings and also being more open towards the local population

Tsegyalgar East Report and 2019 Events

2019 has brought renewed energy and a flurry of activity to Tsegyalgar East, as we prepare for spring and summer at our sacred land of Khandroling

Tsegyalgar West – The Retreat Center

The Gakyil has been working with experts familiar with the property to draft a Master Plan for the Preservation of the Land and Achieve Self-Sustainability