Atiyoga Foundation Is An Umbrella

Atiyoga Foundation Is An Umbrella

"The umbrella will have another name and under this umbrella you will have the Dzogchen Community dealing with the Teachings, for instance, ASIA dealing with Tibet, and etc. The foundation will be called The Atiyoga Foundation." Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Wonderful Wednesday – Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga

Thanks to ASIA’s project “Distinti ma non Distanti” Kumar Kumari yantra yoga is presented to four different 4th grade classes in two public schools in Rome

Honoring Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in India

Starting on December 7th a series of Vajrasattva pujas, an initiative of H.E. Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche, took place in Tashijong and Jangchub Jong, India

MenSana: Guaranteeing Adequate Nutrition for the Children

of the schools of Dupcheshwori, Aarukharka and Thangdor (Nepal) through the renovation and the enlargement of the canteen and kitchen.