16th Ka-ter Training for Tibetan Translators (TTT)

16th training tibetan translators

The 16th Ka-ter Training for Tibetan Translators (TTT) took place in the Zikhang Library, Merigar, between the 16th August and 7th September 2018. Led patiently and kindly by Dr. Fabian Sanders and ably assisted by Dr. Margherita Pansa, students from Argentina, America, France, Germany and the UK joined local students who aspire to improve their Classical Tibetan language skills, with the aspiration to translate precious Tibetan texts.

The students divided naturally into two groups: the advanced group translated the ‘Introduction to the Cuckoo of Presence’ (rig pa khu byug) by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, while the beginners/intermediate group concentrated upon texts by Tāranātha, Padmasambhāva and the Prajñāpāramitā sutra in one letter. During the course, one of the local students, Giorgio Dallorto, also gave an open lecture in the Library, upon the various Tibetan calligraphies which was both an illuminating and interesting adjunct to the work of the TTT group.

The translation work was interspersed with visits to local towns, spas, wineries and local restaurants to ensure that work was well balanced!  The TTT continues to grow strongly and to attract and welcome new interest.

Mio Sylvester

16th training tibetan translators




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