1st Merigar Hackathon 25-27th August 2017

1st Merigar Hackathon


If you are a talented programmer, interface designer, UX expert, please join the

1st Merigar Hackathon 25-27th August 2017

(You can participate on-line too)

With this event, we are initiating the broader campaign “Programmers for Tibetan Culture” in which all programmers and institutions which recognize the value of Tibetan culture are welcome to collaborate on Open Source projects for the benefit of all.

Depending on your skills and preferences we can develop:

  • Online video conferencing system
  • Simple Mobile Games
  • Tibetan Learning App
  • Mobile Magazine App
  • Any other idea you would like to contribute

Completed projects will be used by SSF and shared as Open Source

Free lunch and accommodation will be provided.

After the hackathon, we will have a party together 🙂

Spread the news and register here now!

All the best

Kamil Selwa
Shang Shung Foundation – IT Manager