22-28 October Webcast Practices from Merigar

22-28 October Webcast Practices

Practices will continue as follows – all times are GMT+2:

Each day
10:00  Vajrasattva Purification and Twenty-Five Spaces of Samantabhadra
17:00  Medium Ganapuja

Wednesday October 24 Full Moon – Ganapuja with Dance of the Vajra

Connect to webcast at: https://webcast.dzogchen.net/index.php?id=practicing-together-html5

Download the practices at:
Vajrasattva practice:
http://webcast.dzogchen.net/ data/uploads/files/pratica- vajrasattva-3.pdf

Vajrasattva Purification & 25 Spaces Samantabhadra:
http://webcast.dzogchen.net/ data/uploads/files/ purification-_vajrasattva_25_ spaces_samantabhadra.pdf

Audio only stream:

https://webcast.dzogchen.net/ index.php?id=live-stream- mobile-stream-audio-only

All together in the same state.
All together purifying our Samaya.
All together keeping the Precious Teachings in our heart.

warm and kind regards

Webcast Team

ps: audio explanation of Vajrasattva practice by Adriano Clemente, and practice itself at:
https://webcast.dzogchen.net/ index.php?id=on-demand-content

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