Intensive 30 Day Yantra Yoga Training Program

Samtengar Dzogchen Community is proud to present:

For the first time in the International Dzogchen Community’s history, a complete and intensive Yantra Yoga Training Program that covers the entire Yantra Yoga training system!

*The eight Lungsang movements

*First Level Teacher Training

*Tsalung according to traditional Tibetan medicine & yoga anatomy

An intensive 30-day, 200-hour, three-part training.

The 200-hour Lungsang and First Level teacher training led by Senior Yantra Yoga Instructor Fabio Andrico will be held at Samtengar in Yichun, China from August 27 to September 25, 2017.


While the focus is mainly on the entire First Level Teacher Training curriculum, which includes Lungsang, the main preliminary practices of Yantra Yoga, and all the key points and instructions for First and Second module, as well as the pranayamas related to them, materials related to Third, Fourth and Fifth module are also included this time.

What sets this program apart from the usual Yantra Yoga classes is that we will have the opportunity to study all the movements in Yantra Yoga as understood from the perspectives of energy-channel systems in traditional Tibetan Medicine and of modern anatomy, especially on how breathing muscles function in these movements, and as a senior SMS base instructor, Fabio Andrico will also discuss aspects of fundamental Buddhist concepts related to Yantra Yoga. This program aims to go beyond Yantra Yoga’s in-depth physical aspects, to provide students with the rare opportunity to learn about Yantra Yoga through a dynamic and multifaceted approach.


Since becoming the first authorized trainer of Yantra Yoga teachers appointed by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, he has been assisting Rinpoche in creating the training system for Yantra Yoga teachers.

Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo is an experienced traditional Tibetan medicine practitioner. She is currently the head of the Tibetan Medicine School of Shang Shung Institute, and presides over the Tibetan medicine training program of the International Dzogchen Community.


The 200-hour training will be divided into THREE PARTS:
PART I: Lungsang, teacher training and examination, August 27 to September 4. Open Course
PART II: First Level Teacher Training, September 7 to September 16. Dzogchen Community Course
PART III: First Level Teacher Examination, September 18 to September 25. Dzogchen Community Course


All three parts: Members, CNY9,720 (sign up before April 30 and enjoy 5% off!)
PART I: members, CNY3,240; non-members, CNY3,888
PART II: members only, CNY3,600
PART III: members only, CNY2,880

Food and lodging:

CNY70 per day for those attending the complete program
CNY80 per day for those attending only part of the program.

Only 50 spots available!

A 10% cancellation fee will be charged on all refunds.

For more information please contact Samtengar secretary at

Please note: this program is open to all local and foreign students qualified for each course. Overseas applicants should note that by signing up they agree to 1) remain at Samtengar for the duration of the program/course, and would not go in and out of the premises for any reasons other than emergency situation; the idyllic center is a fully equipped facility and can accommodate all your daily living needs.  2) Travel arrangements should be made ahead as students would have to vacate the premises the day after the program is completed, no exceptions will be made for any reasons. Please do not sign up if you cannot agree to these conditions.


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