24 Hour Global Ganapuja Chain

Dear Vajra Family,

We encourage you to take part in the next
24 hours Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja Global Chain.
We will do this practice with the intention of supporting
 the development of Dzamling Gar and specially the construction of the Gönpa.

Date: 14th June from 0:00 to 24:00h GMT+0

Date: 14th June from 0:00 to 24:00h GMT+0

Let’s Unite Our Strength and Capacity.
Dzogchen Communities, Unite all your Strength and Capacity”.

(from Dzamling Gar Song by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu)

Do you want to participate? Then,

1. Register by filling the following questionnaire in: www.practicingtogether.org
(Please, when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0. Check here to find equivalent time in your time zone.

2. We suggest, each practitioner – or group –  to start the practice with Short Ganapuja as usually, when we transform in Guru Dragphur,  we recite His mantra (around 21 or 108 times). This first part will take15 minutes – you can choose to do it longer, according to your circumstances.

Then, after Guru Dragphur’s mantra recitation, we start properly with Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja recitation which should last 1 hour (the established time of registration). Please, start 5 mins before and finish 5 mins later than your cover hour that will be the overlap between timeslot!

After that hour of Jigme Lingpa recitation, we can continue with The Song of Vajra, the 3rd Ganapuja and dedications of merits.

dzamling gar panorama

We hope that many practitioners can connect to this practice and we collect merits as much as possible for the support of Dzamling Gar Gönpa for the benefit of all sentients beings.

Join this event as part of the whole in the conscious manner and remember that we are not separated!

Thanks for your collaboration.

 Long Life to our Precious Master!

Dzamling Gar & Practicing Together Team


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