Looking Beyond Conference

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On the 3rd of July 2016 at the Gönpa or Temple of the Great Contemplation at Merigar West in Tuscany, Italy, there will be a Conference with representatives of various traditions of religious and secular thought entitled

Looking Beyond

Spirituality in the Face of Death in Various Religions

The conference is being held on the occasion of the presentation of the book published by Edizioni Lindau.


CHÖGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU —President of the International Dzogchen Community

SILVIA BIANCHI — Teacher of Buddhism FPMT at the Lama Tzong Kapa Institute and Mindfulness at the University of Turin, psychologist and psychotherapist

GUIDALBERTO BORMOLINI —Christian monk and professor of Master End Life at the University of Padova.

JOSEPH LEVI —Head Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Florence

SVAMINI HAMSANANDA GIRI —Hindu monk and vice-president of the Italian Hindu Union

MUSTAFA CENAP AYDIN —Researcher at the Gregoriana University and director of the Tevere Institute, a cultural association working with intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Human Sciences
INES TESTONI — Psychologist, teacher at the University of Padova and director of Master “End of Life”.


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