Studying and Practising Chöd at Dejamling

The Chöd retreat took place from the 12th to 20th of August at Dejamling within the wonderful and sunny national park of the Cevennes in France.

Around 25 practitioners gathered there in a pleasant and fraternal atmosphere in order to study and practise the teachings of our Master with Steven Landsberg. Established by Machig Labdrön, the chöd is a complete path to free oneself from the ego.

Each day was divided into three or four intense sessions in which the sound of singing, damaru, bells and kangling alternated with the practises of rushen and semdzin, under the qualified and kind guidance of our teacher Steven.

Practitioners practising chod at Dejamling

Starting early in the morning with Yantra Yoga, Vajra dance and Khaita, our days sometimes ended on a terrace with a practice of chöd at sunset, genuine moments of fullness and harmony.

We warmly thank Steven for his time and attention as well as all the practitioners for their joyful mood.

by Franck Gaigher

group photo of participants of chod dejamling


The French Community, after consulting Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, acquired in June 1998, an isolated farmhouse located on the south side of a field of 9 hectares, in the Cévennes National Park, a little over an hours drive from Montpellier, Millau, and Nîmes. During his visit to France in November 1998, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche consecrated the place calling it “Dejam ling,” the “place of ‘Infinite Bliss.”

The farmhouse and its annexes (250 m2 in total) are situated on a very rugged and hilly terrain and can be used for individual or group retreats. You can come here to practice the Vajra Dance,  Yoga Yantra, Dark retreats, Namkha Arte and Longde, and follow the webcasts (Internet Broadband via satellite).

Accommodation on site possible for members, please contact us at

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