7th Lojong and Kumbhaka in Paris

The weekend of November 10 – 11, 2018, in Palriling, Paris, France, we had the joy of organizing in a workshop on the 7th Lojong and Kumbhaka with instructors Patrizia Pearl and Jesus Martinez. Two beautiful days of practice where the clarity of instructions and advice of Patrizia and Jesus allowed us to progress in the mastery of Kumbhaka and the 7th Lojong, which are an essential key for all practices.
The importance of the awareness of our breath gave us the possibility to calm the mind and brought us to a more balance and stable state. Developing the expansion of breathing and discovering a deeper space and awareness is a constant practice. 
As Patrizia reminded us, we must not lose the thread when quitting the meditation room, the real practice begins when leaving the meditation cushion and must be integrated into our daily life.

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