What do you read in her eyes?



Although some children do not know how to read yet, everything is already there in their eyes. The future of an entire people is written in the eyes of each child who learns to read Tibetan. Through ASIA’s long distance sponsorship we can give them a possibility not to forget their cultural roots.

Since 1988 ASIA has worked for the preservation of Tibetan culture through education and long distance sponsorship projects. Educating Tibetan children not only helps to preserve and pass on the ancient traditions of this people, but it gives the opportunity for Tibetan children to improve their economic and social conditions and to better compete in the world of work.

Together with ASIA you can give a future to Tibetan culture, which risks disappearing unless we do something now.

The schools for the children of Tibetan nomads are located in remote and inaccessible areas and welcome students from different villages sometimes far away from the school. The schools with their dormitories, canteens, kitchens, and bathrooms become real “homes” for the children.

From 1994 up to today over 3,000 children have received help through ASIA’s long distance support program. Now we would like to guarantee another 450 Tibetan children the opportunity to complete their primary education and to receive from the schools that are actively involved in the project everything they need to study and live in a dignified way.

ADOPT TIBET – WHAT DO YOU READ IN THEIR EYES? is ASIA’s long distance sponsorship campaign through which children will receive educational materials, school uniforms, medical care, bedding, reimbursement for travel expenses to and from school, and much more.

The children will be assured quality education, a constantly updated scholastic program that respects their language and their cultural roots, extracurricular activities to help in all school subjects, and prepared and motivated teachers.

Once a supporter has activated their sponsorship, he/she will receive a presentation and a photograph of his or her child. And, above all, it will be the beginning of a real personal relationship between the supporter and the beneficiary through exchanges of letters, photos, gifts, and possible meetings in the country where the child lives.

The Head teacher of one of the schools built by ASIA commented: “If the Dongche school had not been built, these children would have forgotten their language.”

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On our website http://www.adoptibet.org/en

By bank draft to IBAN: IT 06 F 01030 72160 000000562272 indicating “new long distance sponsorship”

By phoning 06 44340034

More information from: adozioni@asia-onlus.org

Who is ASIA

ASIA – Association for International Solidarity in Asia – is an NGO founded in 1988 by Prof. Namkhai Norbu. Active in the countries of the Himalayan area with projects to preserve identity and cultural heritage, ASIA promotes economic development, social and health activities that are focused on local populations using their human, cultural and environmental resources. In its many years of experience ASIA has helped over 500,000 people in Tibet, Western China, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

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