Six Day Intensive Dzogchen Practice Retreat in Yeselling, Austria


From October 28th until November 2nd, 2016, the Gakyil of the International Dzogchen Community Yeselling in Austria welcomed 17 participants from Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Austria for the first intense Dzogchen practice retreat in their new Ling. We had several practice thuns from 8 am until 9 pm, covering the practice of Shine according the the Dzogchen teachings, the practice of several Semdzins, Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga and concentrating on the practice of Chöd. After a short introduction to each thun by Oliver Leick, old and new Dzogchenpas practiced together in a very focussed and harmonious way. As this kind of intense retreat and the new Ling were very positively received by the participants, the Yeselling Gakyil is looking forward to offering similar events for members of the International Dzogchen Community in the future.

Maike Stellbrink