The Merigar West Gakyil Welcomes the New Geko

Dear Sangha of Merigar and the IDC,

merigar west new gekoAs you know, at the Annual Meeting of the Dzogchen Community of Merigar West it was decided to ask the Geko Nikol Stanisova to extend her mandate until the days in December dedicated to the celebration of the 35th anniversary and the inauguration of the Museum of Asian Art and Culture.

Nikol kindly accepted and we are sincerely grateful for her willingness to serve. On the same occasion, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the work she did at Merigar for more than three years with patience, perseverance, and a great sense of humor.

Prior to the end of her term we started to look for candidates for the role of Geko, emphasizing the need to find a couple due to the immense amount of work required for such a big Gar.

By December, no candidates with these characteristics had been identified, so we asked the collaboration of two young people who grew up in the Community and recently collaborated with the Museum: Tanita Ferrari and Cvetko Jovanovic.

After about a month of covering this role in an interim capacity, they wrote a letter to the Maestro and the Gakyil offering to make themselves available until the end of July, when the new Gakyil and new Geko will be designated.

We would like to share their letter with you.

Precious Maestro,

Dear Gakyil,

Tanita Ferrari and I, Cvetko Jovanovic, have been in the position of Gekos for a month now. We were asked to perform this service for a few months because a suitable person had not yet been found. Even though the first month was full of events and the transition took place so quickly, we are quite comfortable with the situation. If you feel our service can be useful to the Community and that we are capable of carrying on the excellent work of Nikol Stanisova, we propose to continue to serve the Community in the role of Merigar Geko until the end of July.

For us, this is neither a job nor a hobby, but an offering of ourselves and our time to the Community, to the teaching, and, above all, to our dear and precious Maestro Namkhai Norbu. We hope we have the clarity and diligence necessary to participate and help our brothers and sisters participate in the life and development of our Gar.

Thank you!

Tanita and Cvetko

The Maestro has given his agreement, and so we officially welcome them in this role.

As Gakyil, knowing the importance of their contribution to the life of the Gar, we will collaborate to help them work in the best possible way.

Thank you, Tanita and Cvetko, and welcome!

The Gakyil of Merigar West


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