The Mirror n. 131

The Mirror n. 131
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Year: 2016
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The Mirror, issue 131 March 2016

This March 2016 issue brings our readers a number of articles, interviews, and wide photo coverage of events and developments at Dzamling Gar, in Tenerife, over the winter and spring months. Due to the ongoing presence of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the Global Gar has been and continues to be the focus of attention and the heart of activities for the entire Dzogchen Community.

This is a young Gar, a Gar that is developing rapidly, and at the heart of all this activity Chögyal Namkhai Norbu is focusing on the project for creating a Gönpa on the highest part of the land overlooking the houses, the colorful gardens, and the Atlantic Ocean. Over the last year, Rinpoche has personally raised an enormous amount to cover the construction costs of the building, and continues, without pause, to raise even more. In this way, the architects at Dzamling Gar expect construction on the Gönpa to start later this year and possibly conclude at the end of 2017. You can read all about this in the Update on the Dzamling Gar Project as well as a proposal, The Joy of Generosity, for fundraising to furnish the houses of the Gars.

Over this winter/spring period the Global Gar was the venue for the first Khaita exams in the history of the international Dzogchen Community at the end of which Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Prof. Raftis of the International Dance Council presented diplomas to 60 students. The Gar also hosted important first time courses and workshops on the development and mastery of communication skills such as Working with Communication, an interview with Peruvian actor and practitioner Gianfranco Brero.

Another first was the course on Yantra Yoga and Pregnancy, a 2-day introductory course in March. We also bring you full coverage of Losar and the Mandarava Retreat held in February and the recent ceremony to give the name Shangpa Master to Lama Denys, and to recognize the importance of this lineage, its seat of Karmaling, and its connection with the International Dzogchen Community.

Our Focus in this issue is on Merigar East and its Lings in east Europe through Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Romania, Poland Serbia and Slovakia, all of which you can read about in detail. Then Cvetco Jovanovic takes us on a fascinating voyage to Tso Pema and Mandi in India in his fascinating description of The Burning Lake.

In Everybody is an Artist – Everybody has Buddha Nature Buddhist filmmaker Babeth VanLoo recounts her story as an artist, director and producer. Our Reflections section offers two articles: Prima Mai’s The Dance of the Vajra and Mindfulness and Jargon and Ingroup-Outgroup Barriers by Elio Guarisco.

Our regular sections bring you updates from branches of the Shang Shung Foundation around the world, news from ASIA and the International Gakyil as well as video reviews of Grande Fortuna in Bhutan and Dance of Infinity: The Quest for Perfection.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s teaching this issue is Purification Through Breath and Mantra given during the Mandarava retreat in Tenerife.

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Happy Fire Monkey Year!

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