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access webcast mailing list

Dear all,

We often receive requests from our members saying that they have lost their password to the Webcast website ( or they do not receive emails from the International Gakyil. That is why we have decided to share some advice on what to do in such situations.


If you have lost your password to the or the password you have used before does not work anymore (sometimes we have this bug), you could always use the password recovery function by following this link – recoverpassword/

At the password recovery page you just need to enter an email which you use as a login to  – this email is also one that your membership account is registered on at (our Membership Management System). The system will send you an email with recovery instructions.

If you do not remember your email that you used to login /, you can ask your local Yellow Gakyil or Membership Coordinator to check which email is associated with your membership profile.

If you do not have an access to your old email account and you cannot reset your password, please write to and we will help you with that situation.


When we send an email to all members from the International Gakyil it goes to the email address associated with your membership profile on

So, to understand which email inbox you need to check for emails from the International’ Gakyil, you need to know which email you use in your membership profile.

Often we have the situation that a member switches from an old email account to a new one, but does not update the email associated with his/her membership profile with that new email account.

So, to make sure that you are receiving emails from the International Gakyil, please make sure that the email you use daily is the same as the one you have on in your membership profile.

If you want to change your email on  in your membership profile, you just need to login into your profile using this link info/ and then press the “Change” button near the “Email” field. After you have typed in your new email address that you want to use, you need to press the “Save” button. The system will send you an email to your new email address and you will have to confirm the change by following the link from that email. That’s it. From that moment you will receive emails from the International Gakyil to your new email account.

Also, sometimes it may make sense to check your SPAM folder in your email account, because  filters that mail services use can sometimes throw our emails in SPAM by mistake. To avoid this you need to add this email contact to your contacts list. Here are instructions on how to do it.

If you do not have access to your old email account, you forgot your password to and you cannot login to your membership profile to change your contact email, please write to and we will help you with that situation.

Kind regards,

Anton Reutkovskyi, Red Gakyil

International Dzogchen Community

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