Annual General Meeting 2020 – Organizational Information

International Dzogchen Community Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear members of the International Dzogchen Community,

The International Gakyil would like to inform you regarding preparation and attendance at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the International Dzogchen Community (“IDC”).

To perform the yearly AGM is a legal obligation of the IDC and usually, this meeting is held every year within April 30th  physically in Dzamling Gar in Tenerife, Spain.

This year because of the pandemic situation and impossibility to travel safely:

  • we had to postpone it until autumn, according to the Italian Government indications;

  • we do it linking the seats of the Gars and of the Lings online via our Webcast and Zoom video conference channel (“Zoom”) as the only possible legal way that we have found available;

  • we are going to address the main topics that we have to approve by law, hoping to might organize an AGM in person as soon as possible

The broadcasting will be done from Dzamling Gar, Tenerife, Spain on Friday 30th October 2020 at 2.00 pm of Western European Summer Time (3.00 pm of CET).  The meeting will have around 2 hours in duration.

1. The Official Agenda of AGM will be the following:

1. Approval of the balance* and financial statement for the year 2019*.

2. Approval of the budget and of a proposal of the program of activities of the International Dzogchen Community for the year 2020*.

3. Continuation of the term of office with reference to the President Mr. Steven Landsberg and to the member of the BdD Mr. Fabio Maria Risolo.

4. Renewal and appointment of the Auditor.

5. Renewal and appointment of the members of the College of Gekös (College of Guarantors).

6. Presentation of Membership Trend.

7. Any other business.

Reference  to the  NOTICE OF CONVOCATION:

 * We will share with you the documents for your reference before the IDC AGM

2. Participation:

Regarding your participation you can choose from the following two options:

2.1. Participation of IDC members on AGM without the voting option

 All members of IDC that want to participate in the AGM online without voting possibility can do it online via Webcast.  This option is suitable for:

  • all members that are members of the Lings and Gars that are not aligned with IDC (Kunsangar South and its Lings, Tashigar North, Samtengar and its Lings, Gephelling) yet;

  • the members that didn’t finalize their membership payment at least for the 3 last years in sequence plus the current one (it means at least from 2017 until 2020 in sequence).

The AGM will be webcast on Practicing Together Closed

In order to access this page, you need to use the valid credential that you use normally to access your profile at

2.2. Participation of IDC members on AGM with a voting option

All members of IDC that wants to participate in the AGM online and vote have to be members of the Lings and Gars that are legally aligned with IDC, they have paid their membership payment at least for the 3 last years in sequence plus the current one (it means at least from 2017 until 2020 in sequence) and they have to be present physically (or via Proxy voting*) in their Ling or Gar.

*Proxy voting: Each member who is eligible to vote and wants to vote can appoint a Proxy who can vote in her or his name. Proxy Holder needs to be also a valid member of IDC. The appointment has to be done in writing and the local Gakyils will be responsible to check its validity.

The attendance on the AGM with voting will be done via Zoom video conference channel (“Zoom”) that will be provided to all affiliated Gars and Lings Gakyils prior to the AGM so they can organize the local AGM meeting in their Lings or Gar place on the IDC AGM day and connect to the Zoom IDC AGM channel  (only one connection to each Ling and Gar) with all members that will be physically present and eligible and interested to attend it.

The voting will be done in real-time and the Gakyils of the affiliated Lings and Gars will be responsible to communicate the voting result to the IG in real-time via Google Form prepared for the voting purpose. Only the voting results that will be communicated via the provided Google Form will be counted.

Please check with your local Gakyil about the possibility to attend this Zoom video conference IDC AGM at your local premises.

3. Questions and Answers (“Q&A”)

In case you have some questions to address to the present International Gakyil of IDC related to the IDC please submit it at latest 3 days prior to the meeting via the following Google Form:

International Gakyil will try to answer all questions on the AGM by considering the time limits of the AGM.

Kind regards,

International Gakyil

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