ASIA Onlus – The Enrico Dell’ Angelo Fund

“The hope is that Tibet may flourish again, like a tree that is shaken by winter storms and is reborn in spring, and that it may still offer the world the fruits of its great culture, its exquisite art and its ancient wisdom.”

Enrico Dell’Angelo

Today is a special occasion: on 11 September 1954 Enrico Dell’Angelo was born. He was a founding member of ASIA, a passionate Tibetologist, and an expert in international cooperation. Enrico left us almost two years ago, on December 26, 2016, and immediately we wanted to continue to keep alive his spirit of dedication to the safeguarding of Tibetan culture and language, his generous commitment to the people of Tibet.

For this reason we decided to create something very concrete that reflected his vision, the Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund: a Fund of Scholarships to enable young Tibetans who are capable and deserving to achieve a superior level of higher education.

The scholarships will support students, carefully selected by a special committee, who will attend first and second level degree courses at University and professional training courses in China, India and Nepal.

The Enrico Dell’Angelo Fund will be comprised of donations of any amount exceeding 250 Euros that all those who care about the Tibetan cause – individuals, companies, institutions, associations – wish to offer.

enrico dell'angelo fund

We need all of you now to start up the Fund and start supporting the first students: we already have some candidates who could start their university studies such as Yeshi Gyamtso, a Tibetan girl living in Nepal who dreams of making a better world by spreading the values inherent in the Tibetan cultural tradition by becoming a translator of Buddhist texts.


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