Everybody is an Artist – Everybody has Buddha Nature

Everybody is an Artist – Everybody has Buddha Nature

Babeth M. VanLoo, filmmaker, artist, and former programming director of the first Buddhist television station in the western world, in Holland, talks about her life, her work, and her aspirations for the future.

Vajra Dance in Hyderabad

April 8-10, the first Vajra Dance workshop organised by Doboom Rinpoche was held in Hyderabad, India. At the end of the workshop, one of the students wrote a poem to express their wonderful experience with Vajra Dance

Grande Fortuna In Bhutan

This film follows the pilgrimage made by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to Bhutan in 2014 through cities, temples, valleys and sacred places, between mountains more than 5,500 meters high

Dzamling Gar Song Project

An invitation to musicians to collaborate to create the “global” version of the Dzamling Gar Song with more elaborate and richer versions using different instruments or voices.