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Be a long distance sponsor for a child from the Derge school

Derge County, one of the most important spiritual and cultural centers in east Tibet, is the birthplace of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the major present-day exponent of the Dzogchen tradition.

In east Tibet government policies prohibit the use of the Tibetan language. Because of this, at the request of Derge Gomchen Monastery, in 2011 ASIA built a primary school, one of the few in the whole province of Sichuan that teaches Tibetan.

Today, the founder, Khenpo Sonam, issued a warning: the school does not receive subsidies from the government and the monastery is no longer able to provide food, medicine and school supplies. The families of the pupils are too poor to contribute to the costs.

The 200 children housed at the Derge school risk having to interrupt their studies.

START UP A LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT and give a child at the Derge school a possibility to study his/her own language, Tibetan. It only takes 25 euros a month. How to do it?

1) Follow the instructions on ASIA’s website;

2) Send an email to or call ++39 06 44340034.

You can pay by:

• bank transfer to ASIA Onlus, IBAN: IT 06 F 01030 72160 000000562 272


• credit card on our website –

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