Beginners Three Vajras Dance Course in Venice

three vajras dance veniceOn the weekend of May 4 and 5, dance instructor Paola Pillon held a beginners open course for the Dance of the Three Vajras in Venice. Despite the rather extreme weather conditions, considering that we are in the spring – heavy rain and a strong north wind – the turnout was very good. Paola taught a small group of new and attentive Pamo (female) beginners, and another group of practitioners for the Pawo (male) part. Among them were several women who wanted to learn the male part of the Dance.

The course took place in a peaceful and joyful atmosphere. There were a few moments of very intense Dance, even though it was a beginner’s course, in the awareness of the constant presence of our precious Master. We extend our thanks to our local instructor and to those who came to dance, even from afar, on such gloomy days. The warmth of Dance has warmed our hearts.

Sabina Ragaini

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