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Dear Vajra Family,

As you know, a few years ago Fabio Andrico started to teach Harmonious Breathing – a method he developed to help us reeducate ourselves and learn how to breathe in a more complete, natural way. Many of his insights into the workings of breathing come from his experience with Yantra Yoga. He has since trained a growing team of Harmonious Breathing instructors, and hundreds of people have experienced the benefits of natural, relaxed breathing. Since the method is not directly related to the Dzogchen Teaching, it can be taught to anyone – and everyone can benefit from it.breathe-as-you-are

We’re pleased to announce the release of the first book on Harmonious Breathing, called Breathe As You Are. It’s a full-color manual with easy-to-follow exercises, explaining in detail how to fully activate, coordinate, balance, and relax our breathing using various positions as a support. The benefits of balanced breathing, based on modern research, are also described.

The book is now available at:

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Shang Shung Publications

Shang Shung Publications

Shang Shung Publications

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