Breathing Presence Movement in Bologna, Italy

With Fabio Andrico and Elio Guarisco 26 and 27 May 2018  breathing presence movement bologna

On May 26 and 27, 2018, Gelegling, the Ling in Bologna, Italy, organized an experimental module of a new type of course, conceived and held jointly by Fabio Andrico and Elio Guarisco.

The vast subject of “Breathing-Presence-Movement” was approached by the two extraordinary instructors of profound knowledge and experience in a wonderful and compelling way, and with great harmony.

The students were enthusiastic, strongly motivated and stimulated, and participated with great attention. They asked Fabio Andrico and Elio Guarisco to continue in this structured way with a course of several days or weekends.

The Bologna Ling has formally invited Fabio Andrico and Elio Guarisco to return to Bologna to continue the course, and also proposed to organize a public conference for them in an institutional context, in order to give abundant results to this wonderful and innovative initiative.

Cesare Pilati, Paolo Carta, Paolo Roberti di Sarsina

breathing presence movement bologna

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