Latest Update on the Health of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Dear friends,

We would like to inform you about the latest updates on the health of our dear Master, understanding that there is a common wish to have news about his convalescence.

Here is a brief summary of the situation.

  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis: under constant control to avoid painful attacks.
  • Diet: slimming and detoxifying in order to lose weight and sustain good functioning of the liver and kidneys.
  • Electrocardiogram: normal (2 were recently carried out along with continuous controls).
  • Abdominal ultrasound: normal (no outgrowths or disease found).
  • Full MRI: shows osteoarthritis and bone calcification due to age.
  • Ultrasound knees: prostheses in good working condition.
  • Ultrasound left shoulder: shows broken ligament.
  • Fecal analysis: negative for traces of occult blood (performed 4 times).
  • Blood analysis: normal (performed 3-4 times).

All routine analyses are repeated “regularly” every 3 months, except for the anomalies indicated.

The doctor who follows the Master, Dr. Hernandez, was chosen ‘personally’ by the Master with his clarity and awareness.

We hope that we have been “helpful, clear and reassuring” because, of course, we are all concerned about the health of our precious Master.

With warmest greetings to everyone

The Namkhai Family


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