Chöd Practice Drajor Pronunciation and Meaning

chod drajor pronunciation

Course on the Drajor pronunciation and meaning of the words of the Chöd practice in Venice with Fabian Sanders (first part):

On the weekend of February 11 and 12, 2017, at the Ling in Venice, Italy, the first part of the course of pronunciation and translation of the text of the Chöd practice was held with Fabian Sanders. Several practitioners attended the course with great interest and found it extremely helpful for learning and practicing the pronunciation of the Tibetan and for understanding the meaning of the text, essential for doing the practice correctly.

We thank Fabian for his helpfulness, professionalism and patience. The second part of the course will be held on the weekend of 22-23 April. All those who have received the transmission of the Master are invited to participate!