Chöd Retreat at Yeselling, Austria

From October 30 to November 3rd, 2019, Nina Robinson led a Chöd retreat in our beautiful Yeselling in Austria. Twenty-six people from various places in Austria, as well as from abroad, came together to study and practice. Nina patiently guided us through the meaning, the visualization and the seven different melodies. She explained how to use the damaru and bell in a coordinated way. We also watched the video of Rinpoche doing the practice and tried to follow his very precise rhythm. Nina’s numerous stories about learning and doing the practice with Rinpoche countless times did not only make us laugh but also helped to deepen an understanding of the importance and value of this extraordinary practice. The retreat passed very harmoniously with everybody trying their best to collaborate. We want to thank Nina and all the participants for this wonderful experience!  

Eva Leick, Red Gakyil

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