Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on Rules, Trust, and Being Aware

A short excerpt from the Dzogchen Community Video Journal number 1. The video clip was shot in the wood during a session of Karma yoga at Merigar West, Tuscany, Italy on July 2, 2003.
The Video Journal, produced by Shang Shung Institute, Italy with full approval and permission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, covered the travels and teachings of the Master and the rich life of the worldwide Dzogchen Community in the form of video. The Journal was published quarterly in 16 volumes, from 2004 until 2008, with Fabio Andrico, Carla Caponi, and Maurizio Mingotti in charge of filming, directing, and editing, with the collaboration of Costantino Albini, Paolo Brunatto, Angelo Fontana, and Dan Zegunis.

Q: Master, when we are many in a place like a community do we need those rules?
Rinpoche: We already have rules in our society. There are always rules. Discipline, rules always exist in society. They’re not lacking. It is sufficient to be a little aware and respect them. Otherwise, rules are enforced with a stick and that’s bad. That is the principle, one must be aware, then any discipline can be applied, anywhere.

Q: There is also trust, isn’t there?
Rinpoche: Trust is relative, if you are aware trust comes to you, whereas if you are not aware, trust is false. You can create some trust today but tomorrow it’s gone. So trust is relative, the true principle is to be aware. “Aware” means really knowing what the circumstances are, what is the condition… If that is present nothing is missing, but if that is not present then everything is missing. Discipline alone is not sufficient, discipline can solve problems only temporarily, for a few days, but then you are always depending on it. When you venture outside that environment, it is over. But if you are aware you are aware always, anywhere.




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