Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Farewell to Students at Merigar West

Before leaving for Dzamling Gar Tenerife, September 22, 2017.

chögyal namkhai norbu's farewell

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Rabjyi


…I asked to do this meeting. Why? Because tomorrow I leave for Tenerife. You know that from the beginning of this year I have had some health problems. At the beginning there was only one problem, but then a second, third, fourth developed, always more and more, instead of overcoming. Then I also discovered that this is my negative year astrologically. I have been trying my best to cure [myself] and have spent a lot of time here at Merigar. My idea was to remain here because usually it is nice weather till the end of this month. Three of my illnesses are almost overcome now and there is no problem, but one is still not completely [cured]. In this case my doctor in Tenerife has asked me to return to Tenerife to cure that one and for this reason I have decided to go tomorrow.

So, why did I ask you to meet here today? First of all because I want to say goodbye. And also I want to ask people not to meet and wait to say “Bye bye”, because tomorrow I am leaving very early. We do not need [to do this]. We can say “Bye bye” now. This is the reason we are meeting here today.

What shall we do now? We will do a very simple Ati Guruyoga practice together, being together in our primordial state just a little while. Then we dedicate and finish.

And after, I have prepared some presents of books, CDs, and DVDs for you. I have spent many years, most of my life, here at Merigar, so in my office there are a lot of papers, important papers that I wrote over many years. During my stay here this summer I organized these books because people who are doing research may need my writings etc. In this case I saw there were many books that I do not need, because our house is not so big, and particularly my library is small. So the more important, indispensable texts and copies I have kept. There are also many copies of practices, teachings, and many books not related with the teachings that some people offered, but I do not need in my house. So I have brought them here and today I am offering them for everybody. Later, when we finish, you can check and if you are interested in some of these books and DVDs, take them, there are many different kinds. That’s all. Thank you very much.

Now we start to do Ati Guruyoga.

[After the Ati Guruyoga] People who have the possibility can also come to Tenerife sometimes, to Dzamling Gar. At Dzamling Gar there will be many different kinds of programs that you can also follow. And particularly when we finish building our Gönpa if there is possibility it will be very nice if you come. But if people have no possibility to travel and come to Dzamling Gar do not worry. For people who live here we will see [each other] in the summertime next year. That is true. So we do our best. You know very well I always ask people not to think too much about programs. Relax, don’t worry about all the problems of samsara. Everything is relative. But try to be present.

Then you already know that if you want to do practice, Ati Guruyoga is the essence. Even for practitioners. Also for non-practitioners who are interested in Dzogchen teaching at least they need to distinguish what is the nature of mind and what is mind, otherwise then even if you are following teaching there is not much benefit.

And tomorrow do not wait to say goodbye. It is very early, it is not good for you. Sleep well [Rinpoche left Gadeling at 3.00am]. This is what I want to say.

Thank you very much. Now, before preparing for Khaita, there are books that you can choose. Now I should go to rest.


On the occasion of Rosa Namkhai’s birthday, October 23, 2017, Thubten Rabgyi, the Gekö at Dzamling Gar thanked her for her tireless work for the Dzogchen Community.

chögyal namkhai norbu's farewell

Rosa Namkhai & Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

“In occasion of this special day we are very glad to welcome our dear Master here with us and to wish Him health, happiness and long life for the future.

And we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Rosa for being with us. Thank you for your tireless work for the Community. And especially thank you for taking care of our beloved Master day and night, for always being there taking care of him for almost fifty years. We appreciate very much, individually and also as a Community, and are very very grateful for you doing that. You are really how a Great Mother should be. And how a great Wife should be. And also a great Human being in this world. We are very happy and fortunate. We appreciate your being with us, beside Rinpoche, leading us in this samsaric world. Thank you Rosa, happy birthday to you!

Transcription by Rita Bizzotto

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