Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Conference and Khaita Show in Gran Canaria

conference gran canaria

Over the last weekend of April 2017, on the invitation of Terapia Integrativa and Ayuntamiento de Telde and in collaboration with Shang Shung Foundation and the International Community of Dzamling Gar, a three day event on Tibetan Medicine and Culture was held on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu travelled to the venue by boat the day before the conference and, at his hotel, held a press conference and two exclusive interviews that were published in the local newspapers (Canarias 7 y La Provincia) the following day.

On Friday, April 28th Rinpoche and representatives of Shang Shung had a formal meeting at Ayuntamiento de Telde to meet with the authorities and exchange gifts. The local Authorities were very open and friendly towards our Teacher and all the community. Rinpoche declared his wish that this event could be like a door opening from Tenerife to all the other Canary Islands. The Mayor (Alcaldesa), Mrs. Carmen Hernandez, presented Rinpoche with a statue of the native Goddess of Fertility, Tara, made of bronze, and he gave her a book on the Temple of Liberation signed by him.

conference gran canaria

l-r: Alexis Rodriguez, Ayuntamiento de Telde, Carolina Romero, Asociation Terapia Integrativa, Rinpoche, Ilaria Faccioli, SSF, Dr. Juan Carlos Duran

At 8 pm, the main event opened at the Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jimenez, with an introduction from the Alcaldesa of Telde and the Secretary of Culture, Mrs. Marta Hernandez. Next, our host, Dr. Juan Carlos Duran, founder of Asociación Terapia Integrativa and vicepresident of the Federación Española de Medicina Integrativa, spoke. It was thanks to his interest in Tibetan Medicine that Rinpoche and the community were invited to Gran Canaria. Dr. Duran has participated in the Integrative Medicine events held in mainland Spain, organized by members of Kundusling, Barcelona. In his presentation, he talked about the development of this relationship and his commitment to bringing Tibetan Medicine to local universities, hospitals and therapeutic associations.

After Dr. Duran’s presentation, the word was given to the Shang Shung Foundation representative in the Canary Islands, our dear Ilaria Faccioli, who invited people to learn more about Dzamling Gar in Tenerife and showed pictures of the activities of the community, including the Shang Shung Foundation and ASIA Onlus. Ilaria had the honor of introducing our Teacher, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, to everyone in the theatre.

Rinpoche gave a wonderful one hour conference on “The Relation between Body, Energy and Mind within the view of Tibetan Medicine”. Once the conference finished with great ovation, Rinpoche took a seat in the audience and enjoyed the well prepared Khaita Show.

conference gran canaria

Rinpoche and the Khaita dancers

Our team of dancers, directors and technicians did an amazing job, preparing a 40 minute show with lights, projections and very special costumes designed by a group of dancers, under the supervision of Rinpoche himself. It was a joyful evening with over 570 people in the audience. Tickets had already been sold out one month before! The Gran Canaria public was very responsive and curious about the teaching, Khaita and Yantra Yoga and wanted to learn more about the activities of the Dzogchen Community and its continuity on the island.

conference gran canaria


The following days, two workshops were held at Ciudad Deportiva Martin Freire. On Saturday morning, senior instructor Fabio Andrico gave a half hour conference on the benefits of Yantra Yoga followed by a two and a half hour workshop with yoginis Stella Rungen and Nataly Nitsche. The attendees were taught the 9 breathings and the 8 movements.

conference gran canaria

On Sunday morning, April 30th at the same location, the Khaita team of dancers gathered to offer a Khaita workshop.

Throughout their stay in Gran Canaria, Rinpoche and the whole team had time to enjoy walks along the beach, visit an archaeological site, have lunch in the park and take part in other enjoyable activities that made everyone feel like one big family.

On Sunday afternoon the whole team returned to Tenerife in elevated spirits. Shang Shung Foundation and The International Dzogchen Community of Dzamling Gar have established excellent relationships with our hosts in Gran Canaria and we will be working together to make more events like this possible.

Jana Loughran


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