Daily Practice of Green Tara Hosted by Yeselling

Dear Tara practitioners,

We continue with our daily practice of GREEN TARA and her TWENTY-ONE MANIFESTATIONS also in the next days and weeks. We also include the “Offering of the Mandala” in our daily practice that we have started on November 3.

Every day from 6.30pm until 7.30pm (Vienna time) we practice online via Zoom.
Here is the link for all interested people: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87980778994?pwd=WWlnbndMMHJ5QVpBdlB1cVd5b2o0Zz09
Kenncode: Tara

By “rowing together in our Tara-boat” we unite all our capacities and dedicate our practice to all people and sentient beings who are in need for help. Especially we also dedicate our practice for the quick recovery of Elio. Join in if you like.

May our collective practice be beneficial for all sentient beings!

Very best wishes,
Oliver Leick

International Dzogchen Community Yeselling
Gersdorfberg 19b
8212 Pischelsdorf
Mobil: +43 664 88662660
Mail:  yeselling@yeselling.at
Web: www.yeselling.at

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