Dance Courses at Karma Ling, France

Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings in August

Dance of the Three Vajras in September

With Lorraine Gaultier

In August, a course of the Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings was held in the south of France at Karma Ling, a beautiful place, an old Charterhouse Monastery, where our Teacher has come many times on the invitation of Shangpa Master Denys. It is a peaceful place with a dark retreat cabin, and the possibility to do retreats in silence. Besides the teaching of Shangpa Master Denys, many Masters are invited by the Rimay Monastery. There is also a focus on spreading lay meditation in society.

august group photo dance courses at karma ling

Participants in the Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings course

During this course in August, different groups of people of the lay meditation courses came just to watch with a respectful attitude. It was very touching to see all these groups coming one after the other, dancing in their heart, listening to explanations on the Dance so often said that the  participants of the course could finish the sentence, in a playful way.

group photo in September dance courses in france

Participants in the dance of the Three Vajras course

In September, the course of Om A Hum was also very nice with a studious, joyful, and sweet atmosphere.

Many people who are residents of Karmaling often dance in this Vajra temple with a mandala in wood and another on the roof. A group from nearby towns join them regularly.


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