Dance, Dance, Dance at Khandroling

Photo by John Shannon

Dance Dance Dance at Khandroling, the Land of the Dakinis, took place from Thursday, August 2 through Monday, August 6, 2018.

This long weekend of instructor led intensive Vajra Dance practice was intended for those who had already taken courses in the particular Vajra Dance offered on each individual day. Instructors led but did not teach except for a rare review. Khaita was open to all, and was taught daily by our wonderful visiting Argentinian Khaita instructor, Alejandra Krasnogor.

Over twenty participants and four amazing instructors spent five days, their joyous spirits undampened by this summer’s frequent downpours, dancing different Vajra Dances each day at Vajra Hall. These included the Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings, the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra, the Dance of the Three Vajras Special Version, the Khalongdorjeikar of the 12A, and the Khalongdorjeikar of the Song of the Vajra practice and study session.

Tsegyalgar East thanks our steadfast and dedicated instructors for their presence and guidance: Bodhi Krause, Robert Czabanski, Alejandra Krasnogor and Carisa O’Kelly.

Miranda Shannon, Blue Gakyil

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