Dance of the Song of the Vajra for Instructors & Experts

A Deepening Course with Prima Mai 20-25 September Merigar West

dance vajra instructorsWe had an extraordinary course with 12 women as Pamo and 12 men as Pawo, instructors and experts from all over the world. Prima Mai insisted that the participants remain in our gender (women as Pamo and men as Pawo) in order to experience the Dance deeply. The course took place on two Mandalas in the Gönpa at Merigar.

Every day we started with a talk on the book of the Dance with the meaning of the line of the Song of Vajra we were working on. Prima Mai made the words of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu alive and we all had the feeling of having the opportunity to gain more knowledge of the Dance.

dance vajra instructorsPrima gave so much as usual: sharing her knowledge and her experience of the Dance, this incredible Upadesha from Rinpoche. She shared with poetry and joy, sweetness and compassion as she integrated knowledge of the Dance into daily life.

We worked on the choreography, discovering the communication in our movements in respect to Pamo and Pawo. And this experience was also shared with the Pamo and Pawo between the two Mandalas. Recognizing the timing and the correspondence of movements with our own dancing was fantastic. We experienced how to Dance with our senses open,
experiencing dancing together, integrating the dimension of others and the universe in every step.

As Prima said in this very intensive but joyful course: “Learn from the joy, learn from the Dance”.

dance vajra instructors

Article by Lorraine Gaultier
Photos by Edith Casadei

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