Deepening & Practice Course of the Dance of the Three Vajras

with Adriana Dal Borgo in Venice

dance three vajras venice

The Deepening and Practice Course of the Dance of the Three Vajras that took place in Venice concluded joyfully and with great satisfaction on the part of the numerous pawo and pamo who danced on the mandala over the weekend of April 7 and 8. Dancers both male and female came together to participate in two days of intensive practice with international teacher Adriana Dal Borgo.

At the beginning the steps of the Dance were reviewed so that the rest of the time could be dedicated to repeating the Dance, with a few short pauses. There was particular focus on entries and exits of the pawo and pamo and on some specific details.

As Adriana explained to us, when we practice dance, sometimes, over the years, the body registers movements that are not correct. Then it happens that even dancers who are no longer beginners find themselves having to ‘cancel’ the error of the position of a foot or the movement of an arm, to reformulate it by dancing (and in their memory) so that it is correct.

Adriana followed each of us with attention and patience, correcting us and helping us to improve expression in the Dance.

Sunday morning was dedicated to the Irregular Form of the Dance of the Three Vajras, with the study of specific entries and exits, and then Dancing on the mandala in this extraordinary practice during which you can experience intensely the vision of pawo or pamo in front of us, like in a mirror.

The two days passed by quickly, even though they were very intense. Gyamtsholing, the Ling of the Ocean in the beautiful Venetian Lagoon, gives heartfelt thanks to Adriana Dal Borgo for this wonderful course and for her presence in Venice over the last year during which we could dance together, and further and improve ourselves along the path of the teaching of our most precious Master.

Sabina Ragaini

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