Dance of Song of the Vajra at Kunsangar North

dance vajra kunsangar northMay 9-13, 2019, an in-depth  course of  Dance of Song of the Vajra was held for experienced dance practitioners with Adriana Dal Borgo at Kunsangar North, Russia.
The course was joyful, easy and at the same time helped to better understand not only the dynamics of movements, but also the meaning and history of the Dance, and the connection of the Dance of Song of the Vajra with the full Dzogchen Ati Teaching. Adriana shared rare precious frames in which Rinpoche shows the movements of the Dance. And in general, it was the experience of the presence of Rinpoche again at Kunsangar North and with us on the mandala.
Thanks to Adriana for her experience, kindness, and a desire to share knowledge; the team of Kunsangar North for their willingness to cooperate and quick resolution of all emerging issues. I cannot list here all those who helped this event to materialize, but believe me, all of you are in my heart.

Ulyana Sokolova, second level instructor of the Dance of Song of the Vajra

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