Dance of the Vajra in Wangdenling, Slovakia

Course of the Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings with Elisha Koppensteiner

dance vajra wangdenling

Looking back at the Vajra Dance retreat in Wangdenling it was time well spent. A group of Slovak, Czech and Austrian practitioners came together during the weekend of May 3-5 to learn, refresh and improve their knowledge of the Dance that Benefits Beings. Under the guidance of Elisha Koppensteiner, assisted by her husband Honza Dolenský, we managed all that very well!
The wet and cold weather but added to the warmth and coziness of the mandala in the gonpa by contrast. The remoteness of the Slovak retreat center makes for a uniquely serene, intimate and safe atmosphere, so diving in and connecting to the rythm we shared came easy.
With the summer approaching, Wangdenling enters into its prime, offering a great time for visitors of all tastes. Make sure you come and visit it, be it for another Dance or other collective practice retreat, or just to relax here. You are always welcome.

by Lubomír Michna

dance vajra wangdenling slovakia

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