Days for Vajra Dance at Höfen, South Germany

June 7th – 13th,  2019

For six days Vajra Dance instructor Karin Heinemann invited us to share her deep knowledge as a practitioner with a group of about eleven Pawos and Pamos at this marvelous place in the countryside. Again we felt the presence of our precious Master and the very special importance and vibrations of the Song of Vajra. It’s such a treasure of wisdom, hardly to understand, but in the atmosphere of peace, joy and structure created by Karin, everyone could get a deeper feeling and appreciation of it. The Vajra Dances were combined with practice of Gomadevi, Mandarava and the Ganapuja on Padmasambhava Day. And not only the Dance for the Benefit of all Beings was accompanied by the sound of different kind of birds and frogs. More of it, please.

Dr. Iris S. Engelke


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