The Training to Discover One’s Natural Awareness

with Elio Guarisco in Sofia, Bulgaria

discover natural awarenessAn open course with Elio Guarisco, assisted by our 1st level Yantra Yoga instructor Orlin Karaivanov, on ‘The Training to Discover One’s Natural Awareness’ was recently held In Sofia, Bulgaria from 5th to 8th of April 2019 and organized by Dargaeling, Bulgaria.

We practiced twice a day for 3 hours under the expert guidance of Elio. He gave us detailed and precise explanations and instructions in order to find out, to taste or to stabilize our ability to keep presence and awareness. By means of different breathing and meditative practices we could have our own experience of what it is to be present and awake in each moment of our body, breathing, sensations and emotions. We could discover and observe the process of our conceptual mind and at some points the silence or distance between the thoughts. And also we could find a state of harmony of body and mind in the experience of an open and luminous dimension of the mind. The course was very useful for us because we could discuss some of our difficulties and obstacles in the practices as well. All sitting practices were combined with some warm-up and breathing exercises led by our Yantra Yoga instructor Orlin.

We are very happy and grateful for having Elio here in Sofia with us, for the knowledge and understanding he shared with us, and for the great possibility to do these practices collectively with him!

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