Dream Yoga Workshop in Russia

On June 2nd -5th, 2016, Michael Katz, Santi Maha Sangha instructor authorized by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to teach dream yoga, came to Moscow and Kunsangar North for the first time and conducted two events.


On 2 June in Moscow at the cultural center El Logos there was a public talk “Experience of Lucid Dreams and Dream Yoga” led by Michael, which was organized by the Moscow Dzogchen Community.

Michael Katz, Rinpoche’s student, shared his deep knowledge and personal experience of dream yoga and lucid dreams with all who gathered there. He gave a brief excursus into the matter according the western psychology, shamanistic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Dzogchen.


All who were present at the lecture appreciated very much Michael’s free and open manner, his delicate sense of humor and ability to answer difficult questions openly and essentially.


More than 165 people participated on June 4th & 5th at Kunsangar North, in a unique workshop on dream yoga. The workshop was dedicated to help to develop the capacity for lucid dreaming, creativity and under the guidance of an experienced teacher, to start the process of self-exploration, spiritual and psychological growth.

All participants of this lecture and the workshop would like to thank Michael for the time that we spent together. The precious experience that was shared by Michael was received with great joy and we hope to see Michael in Russia again very soon!

Gakyils of Rinchenling and Kunsangar North


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