Dzamling Gar Song Project

Let’s unite our strength and capacity
Let’s unite our strength and capacity
Dzogchen Communities unite all your strength and capacity,
Dzogchen Communities unite all your strength and capacity.

Happiness is present,
Unite your strength and capacity!
Happiness is present,
All is manifesting self-perfected.
Live in the knowledge of the primordial state,
And happiness will arise in the world.

From The Dzamling Gar Song Team

Last year the Dzamling Gar Song Team sent a letter to Gars, Lings and some individuals asking them to participate in a project suggested by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Rinpoche wrote the Dzamling Gar Song (which is itself a complete and deep teaching) and after recording it, Rinpoche said that this version was just a base for all the talented Dzogchen Community musicians and singers who could realize more elaborate and richer versions with different instruments or voices.

In order to do this the team invited all the musical talents of our Vajra Family to collaborate in the hopes that altogether we can create the “global” version of the Dzamling Gar Song! You can share this information and invitation with the musicians and singers you know to create your own version and/or to participate in the “global” version of Dzamling Gar.

If you are interested in joining us please confirm your interest in participating by sending an email to You will receive an answer from that email address with the link to download mp3 files and scores and further instructions on how to upload your mav files.

Tashi Deleg

The Dzamling Gar Song Team


A History and Update on the Dzamling Gar Song Project

Interview with Ilaria Faccioli, Project Manager

The Mirror: Can you give us a little history about the Dzamling Gar Song Project and an update of where the project is now?

Ilaria: The song project started because Rinpoche had said that the original song we had been using until now was put together very quickly, but other people could try to make something better and more sophisticated. So we started to think of a version that is not done at the last minute, because the version we are using now was done around two years ago and it was arranged very quickly. That version was done for the inauguration of Dzamling Gar and has remained as the one we use, but it was not meant to be the final one. A few of us gathered together and we developed the idea to ask if anyone wants to do their own version, especially to musicians of the Community, so that makes the kind of participation quite free and people can use their creativity. Some Community musicians worked on a structure with timing and the melody that the participants should use, more or less. This version is a little faster than the original version. People can do as they want on this track, like with instruments; they can use as many instruments as they want.

The Dzamling Gar Song Project Team sent an email letter last year explaining the project that it was an idea of Rinpoche’s asking for people to contribute, and they sent a structure for the music. I have to say that when we sent the letter we sent it to the Gars and also to list of individuals, like musicians and people we knew were interested, very few people responded. At the beginning a lot of people said it was a fantastic idea, but then of course people are busy, and we tried to give more space and time, but we didn’t have so many answers. So the original idea came out of the sense of the Dzamling Gar Song, like “Let’s unite our strength and capacity, Dzogchen Communities unite all your strength and capacity”, so that is exactly what inspired the project. There are many people with musical capacity, musicians in the Community, so Rinpoche has a view and somehow gave us the guidelines, but then the idea is that we can manifest something. That was the idea.

If people are still interested and would like, they can still send back their version and they will be informed of the format; there is a specific one that is needed. The Team thought maybe it would be nice to mix a version that would be one version with people from different Gars, so the version we use now is a compilation of what we have already received. We could use more versions! We recorded many versions here in Dzamling Gar and you can hear that and if you listen well you can hear different instruments coming in and so we decided to use parts of the different versions. To hear this music you can go to:

We finally presented this CD version to Rinpoche this past Losar and it is a disc that is a collection of different versions, one version was done by Roberto Cacciapaglia, one version by a German musician, and then there was this one we are talking about that was done with pieces of different ones sent by people from the Community. And then there was an instrumental version we thought would be good to have for people to sing on top of.

M: Are you still inviting people to continue to collaborate?

IF: Yes we need more material. There are many talented people in our Community and yes we are still calling for people to collaborate. It is important that people understand that the Dzamling Gar Song is something to sing. Rinpoche does not want to use the instrumental version when we dance. The song is something to learn by heart – it carries a very big teaching and it is the essence of Dzamling Gar and the international Dzogchen Community.


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