Greetings from Dzamling Gar!

We have prepared some updates to keep you informed about DZG life and projects. We hope you enjoy!

The Gar will be gradually reopening starting June 1 with Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance and Khaita. Also the Cafeteria, Info Point, Bookstore, and Swimming Pool will be open. We will not yet have Ganapujas together in the Gönpa, but slowly and with care we can have everything again. Please check the published schedules for all activities!

A Yantra Yoga course with Fabio Andrico in the Gönpa will inaugurate the opening from June 6-14 that will also be webcast.

With the very best wishes,
DZG Gakyil




Quarantine started shortly after the end of Mandarava retreat. Many practitioners stayed in DZG for the quarantine period. Moreover, DZG provided work exchange accommodation to all members who could not afford the rent. We did our best to make quarantine comfortable for the residents. We are also very grateful to the group of volunteers who helped our elderly residents with food and medicine shopping.

THANK YOU! We would like to express our deep gratitude to International Cultural Atiyoga Association and Dynamic Space of the Elements Association, Eunice Cui and other Chinese practitioners for timely sending us the so needed protection gear – masks, gloves, face shields etc., which were distributed to DZG residents and Community members in the area.

KHAITA Besides personal practice and online activities, we DZG residents continued enjoying our Khaita collective sessions in quarantine style. It all started with just one person dancing on the terrace, then always more people joined in from their own terraces. Soon, almost everyone in DZG would come out to their apartment’s terrace shortly before the sunset to enjoy a few simple dances, distant but united, truly magic moments.


MOON GARDEN The Dzamling Gardens are in full bloom, tended and managed by the caring hands of Alix de Fermor who has just finished construction of the new Moon Garden situated below the Gönpa. True to its name this will be a garden to enjoy in the evenings or very early in the morning when the perfumes of a host of scented plants fill the night air. In the natural hollow in the heart of the garden there is a circular area that is free for barbecues and evening relaxation.








PLANTS MAP With the gardens of the Gar nearing completion it has become essential to list and map the numerous plants thriving at the Gar, in the same way that books are catalogued in a library. This will give us an idea of the plants that are currently growing here in case we wish to replace or display them. This detailed and meticulous project was started a few weeks ago by Liz Granger and we hope to finish it shortly.








Przemek, maintenance team manager: “Meanwhile we began a huge project related with wood-treatment of our new Gönpa. The work is truly vast and will take around 3 months.”

Also, the main entrance door structure from the “old” Gönpa (the white tent) has now been installed in the lower part of the new Gönpa. These are the doors through which Rinpoche passed infinite number of times, we are truly happy for this auspicious symbolic integration!


DZG library has finally moved from Jyachip to the new Gönpa. While organizing the new space and reviewing the books, we have discovered that several books in our library are hand-signed by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu! Library service was available to the Gar residents during all the quarantine, respecting all the required hygiene precautions.


Our deepest gratitude goes to the webcast team and all the instructors and practitioners who tirelessly supported and led practices from DZG and from around the world during the quarantine period.

Practice webcasts & other online activities from DZG:

– SMS courses by Elio Guarisco

– Yantra Yoga by Fabio Andrico

– Collective practices of Yantra Yoga by Naomi Zeitz and Alessandra Policreti

– Khalong Vajra Dance by Kyu Kyuno & co

– Khaita: daily webcast sessions & Facebook live stream dance explanations by Yulia Petrova, Elia Bernardoni Francesco, Tomy Edgar & co

– Webcast team: Sebastian Remy, Justin Hudgins & Elia Bernardoni Francesco

Webcast connections:

– March 23 – April 23 daily average 1357 viewers, with the peak of 2151 viewers on March 29

– April 24 – May 22 daily average 815 viewers, with the peak of 1636 viewers on April 24

The SECRET RUSHEN of the Voice with Elio Guarisco

ADVANCED YANTRA YOGA with all FIVE PRANAYAMAS and some VARIATIONS with Fabio Andrico. June 6-14 2020.










We would like to thank all those who are supporting DZG in these challenging times, both with donations and in a creative way: our Community painter Kai Konrad keeps donating us his beautiful prints, a parcel with Odzer Chenma cards arriving just 1 day before the lockdown (available in DZG bookshop); and Umberto Antonello who kindly offered to create a namkha in exchange for a donation to DZG, you can contact Umberto on

-Edited by Lena Dumcheva, Naomi Zeitz & Liz Granger
-Photos by Lesya Cherenkova & Lena Dumcheva

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