Ecologic Dark Retreat House in Czech Republic

ecologic dark retreat house
We would like to invite you to our brand new dark retreat house. It’s in Phendeling deep inside a forest in southern Bohemia, close to the Austrian and German border. We’ve built it exclusively from natural materials (wood, straw, earth) creating a very relaxing, peaceful and healthy ambience inside. The house is designed for comfort and is suitable even for longer stays in the dark as there is a lot of space, big bathroom, state of the art ventilation system, etc. Another important feature is a high level of sound insulation.

It can host a normal retreat as well since it features kitchen, fridge, windows with a nice view, terrace and a mandala in the main building of the centre.

Come to practice in Phendeling!

For information about the project you can follow the FB page “Dark Retreat for Central Europe” or  contact Filip at, for reservations our Geko at

for 1 night for IDC members, 10 Euro,
for 1 night for non-members (with transmission), 20 Euro.
Food supply and cooking from Geko 10 Eur per day. There is an additional fee for cleaning 12 Eur.

We would like to thank all donors and karmayogis, who helped to finish this project.

Czech Dzogchen Community

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