Educational Program for New Instructors and Khaita Experts


Chögyal Namkhai Norbu dedicated most of the last years of His life developing a method that encompassed many aspects in a very simple yet, at the same time, deep word:  Khaita – Harmony in the Space

The purpose of Khaita and the Joyful Dances is to discover harmony through sound and movement and the aspect of enjoyment.

Joy, relates to the discovery of our true nature: a deep and stable state that does not depend on ephemeral circumstances.

The aim of the Educational Program is to deepen the knowledge of the Khaita’s different aspects as:

  •         singing and dancing together, in unison.
  •         singing and dancing as tools to harmonize and coordinate our body, energy and mind, promoting wellbeing and individual evolution.
  •        cultural aspect: songs and rhythms from an ancient and deep culture which convey values that represent a precious heritage for all.
  •        musical education. Recognizing the different rhythms (in the Khaita collections we find a wide variety) it’s not only an indispensable knowledge for instructors: it’s useful also for training the principle of dealing with circumstances.

We will study the genesis of the project, the Master’s choices and how the project has taken shape over the years.

Who this course is for:

Anybody who has a basic knowledge of the dances, having taken part in at least one course, and in particular:

  •       who wishes to deepen the knowledge of the Khaita Joyful Dances, who wishes to become an instructor, who wishes to organize and/or take part in events, instructors who would like to improve their knowledge.
  •       who is interested in using music and dance as a tool for training awareness and presence; who works in the social sector to promote wellbeing in various areas (Khaita as a physical activity, education in schools, recreation in structures for the elderly, rehabilitation)
  •      who is interested in folk dance as the artistic expression of a culture and the values transmitted by it.

 Description of the Training

 Participation is preferable on site but, due to current circumstances, it is open also online.

 You’re welcome to attend just one or a few courses or to attend the full program.

 The full program is a 3-year training: each year there will be 3 courses, located, to begin with, in European countries.

 Find here a description of the 1st course in Merigar West-Italy, July 26 – August 2.

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Collaboration and Human Resources

 The program is organized by Khaita Department, a branch of the International Ati Yoga Foundation, in collaboration with International Dzogchen Community and Gars and  Lings of the Dzogchen Community.

 The project director and teacher, Adriana Dal Borgo, will be assisted by qualified Khaita instructors:

Salima Celeri

Elena Dumcheva

Luda Kislichenko

Pancho Company

Ilaria Faccioli    

Elisha Koppensteiner

Petra Zezulkova



Where applicable, Khaita School offers the possibility of access to scholarships.

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