Eight Movements Teacher Training in Barcelona

Eight Movements Teacher Training in Barcelona with Fabio Andrico

Eight Movements Teacher Training in Barcelona with Fabio Andrico


Eight Movements Teachers Training – Part II
with Fabio Andrico
April 8-11,2016 in Kundusling, Barcelona

Some words from the students:

“I have practiced martial arts since childhood, yoga for decades and I have been a yoga instructor for the last nine years. The Master says very often that we are very fortunate and now I understand a little more why. There are aspects in our practices that are very powerful. The source is the Master, the lineage, and the transmission, all which make it possible. “   Orel Mieussens

“For me this course has been very important, not only for what I have learned but also to be able to see all the mistakes that I make. They say that the best method to learn is to see your own mistakes and in that way to be able to make corrections. I feel it is a necessary course to not continue making the same errors day after day and to believe that we already know how to do the Eight Movements. Further more, to be able to learn to do them well with the help and patience from Fabio has given me a very pleasant sensation”.   Elvira Martínez

“I give thanks for this opportunity to deepen my knowledge in this living teaching that is Yantra Yoga. Thank you for facilitating and clarifying this treasure of knowledge accessible now with the new book. My best wishes for this thousand-year old tradition to remain alive in this time of change.”  Amparo Far

“The course has been very intense, at least for me, since one learns that the authentic way to assimilate the exercises is not the systematic reading of the book, but the practice; the pure and regular practice. In the first part of the course, there is risk of underestimating the real difficulty that represents the correct practice of the Eight Movements. To put them into practice, you have to work with the multiple aspects that have to be coordinated and joined; a kind of dance guided by very precise breathing and rhythm.
It has been very interesting to learn that the real goal is to be able to explain and communicate well to the students while one is practicing. And just like it is not really useful to know the theory without knowing to practice the movements correctly, the opposite also doesn’t work. One has to know how to transmit this knowledge and at the same time one has to be an example of how to practice these Eight Movements.”      Judit Canela





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