Vajra Dance Interactive Online Courses Equipment

Dear all,

These days more than ever we have interactive online courses all over the world. Local Gakyils always do their best to organize events in the best possible way, but sometimes we feel a lack of technical expertise to provide proper technical support to the events. To give an idea of equipment setup for Vajra Dance interactive online courses and other types of online courses we may have, we have prepared a checklist for the video and sound setup – link to the Checklist. 

Even though we included in the checklist examples of some gadgets that we have used by ourselves, the idea is just to be a reference of what we may need. Also, we recorded a video with an explanation of how we did our setup – link to the videos.

We hope it would be useful for Gar and Ling Gakyils while organizing online events.

Kind regards,
Vajra Dance Team

vajra dance online equipment

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