Germany, Munich
July 14-16, 2017

Ati Dzogchen Tsalchen


News about the Retreat

Rinpoche has just informed us that he will be giving teachings on ‘Ati Dzogchen Tsalchen’, an ancient text from the Dzogchen Semde series. We are looking forward to this precious opportunity.

Overall, we are sure that newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners will greatly benefit from this essential Dzogchen teaching. As with all retreats, Rinpoche will give insight on how we can discover our own true potential.

Aside from for receiving Rinpoche’s invaluable teaching, July is also a very good time to discover Munich’s charm. There is a lot to see in the historic city, from famous museums and castles, to lakes and mountains in the near vicinity.


For all of you seeking a little support about accommodations for the time of the retreat in Munich: we could reserve a few rooms at Hotel Ibis, which is located about five minutes away from the retreat location. There are also some rooms on hold at Hostel Haus International, from which you can reach the retreat in about 25 minutes by public transport. Here, we could also pre-reserve some beds from 12 July on, for anyone wanting to arrive a little earlier, to spend some time with Rinpoche, the Sangha and to explore Munich. Both of these reservations are being held for us until the end of May.
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By using the online form to sign in advance you can help facilitate registration on the day of the event. Your early registration is a big help for us to plan the event in advance.

Looking forward to welcoming you here soon, with spring greetings from Munich!