First and Second Level Deepening Courses of Yantra Yoga with Fabio Andrico

January 3-9 and January 11- 17, 2019
Dzamling Gar, Tenerife, Spain

by Ney Mena and Sean Read

In the Yantra Yoga course, First Level Deepening with Fabio Andrico, January 3 to 9, we covered all the preliminaries, tsijong, lungsang, tsadul, as well as the first and second series of Yantras along with their respective pranayamas.

Deepening Yantra Yoga with Fabio Andrico Level I

The highlight of the course was the many extra goodies that Fabio was able to impart to us, like specific warm ups for each of the movements in Yantras as well as the warm ups for opening us to the intricacies of the preliminaries, which are in themselves a cornucopia of the different ways of experiencing the breathing and its mechanisms. All of this allowed us to deepen our practice and to feel the importance of the integration of breath and body as well as mind. Added to all of this, were some beautiful anecdotes and stories related to Rinpoche and to the lineage of Yantra Yoga and its masters. I think for most of us, it brought a sense of wonder and appreciation of the jewel of Yantra Yoga, which our precious Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, left for us to delight and connect with as part of the Dzogchen teachings.

In this first level, Fabio was assisted by Alina Kramina, a Yantra Yoga instructor from Ukraine. Her movements were so fluid and graceful at one point Fabio queried, “But are you human?”

Alina does spider variation


In the second course, Second Level Deepening with Fabio Andrico, from January 11 – 17, everyone was in fine form. Back and well rested after the day off, the atmosphere was one of readiness for what was to come. The content – the third, fourth and fifth series along with the corresponding Pranayamas, was delivered with Fabio’s signature blend of wit and precision. Combined with the stunning demonstrations of Maxim Leschenko and Alina Kramina, all in all it was an entertaining and educational experience.

Deepening Yantra Yoga Level II with Fabio Andrico

Max does the perfect peacock


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