First Khaita Workshop

Namgyalgar Khaita workshop

Here at Namgyalgar North we have been very fortunate that Tsering Dolker and Topgyal Gontse have come all the way from Merigar to spend two months teaching Khaita dances to our Dzogchen Community people as well as members of the general public.

From Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th October, we have had a morning and evening session, and more than 20 people attended over the period – so now we feel a little more confident to dance in Rinpoche’s presence after he arrives! Also Topgyal has written and composed a welcome song for our Master, which some at least have had a chance to learn and rehearse!

It has been wonderful to learn the latest circle dances, not only the steps and the music, but also the meaning of the songs.

So of course there will be daily Khaita while Rinpoche is here, then afterwards there will be a performance and workshops in Melbourne, and also Brisbane.

Thank you so much Topgyal and Tsering!


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