For the People of Nepal

Nepal the pure dimension of
Swayambhu the Self-Arisen stupa
Sacred shrine housing the relics of the seven previous enlightened ones

The pure dimension of
The Boudhanath stupa
Magical Stupa
Built by prior incarnations of Shantarakshita, Guru Padmasambhava and king Trisong Detsen
Containing the relics of Kashyapa

The pure dimension of
The Bones Stupa
Built on the spot where the Buddha as a bodhisattva
Gave his body to save a starving tigress

The pure dimension
Of the three stupas
Once restored by Togden Shakya Shri
As the source fulfilling altruistic prayers
Source of a limpid mind
Source of infinite goodness
Source of the happiness and welfare of beings

May the people of Nepal
Rebuild with the help of all
Their families and homes
Around the un-perishable light
Of the three stupas

Elio Guarisco, April 27, 2015

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