Four Element Pendants

79CDC189@4524A606.5D898C56Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters,

We are happy to announce that with our master’s approval, recently Samtengar has made pendants for enhancing the Four Elements.

The function is similar to T-shirts printed with the mantras before, please refer to the book of “The four methods of development”. But it is much more convenient and easy to wear. It is just like wearing a necklace.

The pendants made of fabrics (approved by Rinpoche) are about 9 centimeters diameter, embroidered with the mantras. It will not fade away and is not affected by seasons, occasions etc. please see the attached pictures.

We will customize the pendants for you according to your birth date and year. The price is 40 EUR per set (4 pendants, one for each element made accordingly) , Shipping is 20 EUR per order (within one kilogram).

If anyone is interested, pls contact me at

Best regards,


Secretary of Samtengar, China



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