Global Guruyoga and Vajra Dance Practice

November 30, 2020 – Full Moon & Eclipse Day

Dear Vajra Family!

As on every full moon day let us connect practicing together at the same times around the globe the Vajra Dances and especially the Vajra Dance of Space of the Unborn (12 A).

Very simply and to the essence, we can dance the Vajra Dance of Space of the Unborn (12 A) at the beginning of each hour (xx:00 to xx:00), for as long and often as we feel. Singing, integrating with the natural sound or with the music prepared for 12 A.

We practice with the intention of creating positive causes for the planet and all beings to overcome negativities and move forward positively. We dedicate to all for the relief of sufferings and for finding a peaceful state, inseparable from the light of supreme state of universal knowledge, ultimate Bodhicitta.

If we don’t know how to do alone, we can do simple base A version and also we can do Guruyoga with 3 A integrating in the Song of the Vajra instead.

The first version of the music for the Dance is still available In files on the webcast page. New version and different lengths are available in SSP webshop.

You can also download newly created mp3 files by Prima Mai with natural outdoor sound recordings and simple music for integration with our voice and song of A in the Vajra Dance of Space.
2 versions with TUN repetitions of 21 and 12 times.

We practice together, individually or collectively, with a clear alignment and intention, in the certainty that our practice makes a difference in the field of consciousness and may facilitate collective evolution.

The Dance of the Vajra Website
Video of the Dance that Benefits Beings

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