Green Tara Global Chain 24 hours

On April 30 from 0:00 until 24:00 (GMT+0)

We live surrounded by wars, conflicts, serious climate problems, hate, sadness, injustice, a number of situations we see or live every day and everywhere. This hurts everyone, but we are a Vajra Family and walk on the path of knowledge. This is our treasure and we can use it practicing all together in this World.

Mother Tara is the Buddha of illuminated activity and of development to overcome obstacles. Let’s integrate in the state of Tara (our primordial state) to eliminate negativities and produce benefit for all sentient beings.

Do you want to participate?


1. Register by filling the following questionnaire in:

2. Each practitioner – or group – will do a GREEN TARA practice Anuyoga system. In order to not break the chain, it is necessary to start at least 10 minutes before the established starting time for doing the Preliminaries (9 breathings, Purification of the 5 elements and Refuge & Bodhichitta).
Then, we sound TAM and we manifest us as TARA, and we do recitation for 1.05 hour (the established time of registration) of the essential mantras: OM TARE TAM SVAHA for 30 minutes & OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA for 35 minutes.
Finally, we continue with the Song of Vajra and Dedications.

3. If the registration is done by a group of people, we ask the person registering the group to write the name of the Ling or Gar and once the practice is finished, we kindly ask her/him to send us the total number of participants in that group.

May this practice fill all the space and disolve all obstacles into emptiness.


Long life to the Master!

The Team of Practicing Together


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